The LX521

All the information in English related to the LX521 can be found at Mr Linkwitz webpage.

Here you can see my version:


The design looks surprising at first sight, but now I love it.

I changed the design of the front part of the Bass cabinet. Now, the bridge supporting the baffle is hidden. It was a challenge to make it look good and to make it strong enough to support the mechanical stress induced by the drivers.


The support of the driver for the bass (black part) is not attached to the bridge, avoiding the baffle to vibrate.
The baffle can be rotated towards the center for about 60° to perfectly find the sweet spot.


The only mechanical design that was changed compared to Mr Linkwitz's model is the installation of a support at the back of the baffle to stiffen the whole structure. The low-medium driver is screwed to the front of the baffle, and is also connected to the support through several pieces, aluminum and wood.

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